The Career Transitions Center is The Affordable Outplacement Resource

The Career Transitions Center provides you with: Affordable, high quality, virtual, easy to implement, outplacement and employee transition support.

We provide your impacted employees with the support they need to move on and land a new job faster than they might otherwise on their own. Our professional outplacement services provide them access to our team of professional coaches and best practice career resources:

  • Strategic Personalized Career Coaching members meet each week with the coach of their choice for a private 45-minute session. Coaches are available 9am to 5pm or in the evenings 5pm to 8pm.
  • Proven and Current Job Search Skills/Best Practices Workshops: We offer 20+ workshops on Zoom, as well as a library of over 20 on-demand webinars in critical career and job search skills, strategies, and best practices.
  • Peer Support: CTC offers weekly Peer Support Groups multiple times weekly.
  • Peer and Network Connections: Access to CTC’s private LinkedIn Community Group, a robust and exclusive community of over 1,000 members.

Surveys show over 50% of businesses offer impacted employees career transition outplacement services as part of their severance package.

Why Employers Offer Outplacement ?

Reduce Stress

Outplacement can reduce the pain of employee separation by offering an outplacement benefit that facilitates a smoother transition for the departing employee and helps the manager who communicates the layoff decision.

Recover Faster

Dislocated employees will land a new job faster. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2020), unemployed workers are out of work for an average of 13 months. On average, our members land new positions in 4 -8 months.

Enhance Reputation

Providing career transition assistance to impacted employees may soften the blow, help them leave on a more positive note, and mitigate the perception of the layoff news within the community. New employees are more likely to choose an employer that offers outplacement benefits.

Boost Morale 

While businesses have justifiable reasons for layoffs, providing support for the impacted employee helps the morale of those who continue to work for you. This benefit helps positively influence how they feel about the company and supports the retention of those employees

Reduce Costs

Because outplacement support helps employees transition faster and more effectively than on their own, the mutual costs of unemployment and risk of lawsuits decreases. It may also lower unemployment claims if laid-off employees are able to return to work more quickly.

Level the Field

Younger workers may be tech-savvy, but they often lack the job search skills and a network to find a job.  Older workers face steeper odds and need to learn how to overcome ageism in the hiring process. Both benefit from the emotional support provided by career coaches and the information provided in workshops.

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