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CTC excels in providing personalized coaching and skills-building programs for in-college youth and recent college grads.

CTC offers career coaching and programming both in person and virtually. During the pandemic, all services are virtual. 

Career Boot Camps Retreats, Follow-up Coaching and Programs

Career Boot Camp Retreats

Career Boot Camps are concentrated skill building    1-day  retreats to enable in-college youth and recent college graduates to: (1) Develop professional etiquette skills; (2) Create a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile that demonstrates their competencies to prospective employers; (3) Learn methodologies to build professional networks; (4) Work towards securing career path employment; (5) Better understand and manage credit scores, debt, and household budgets; and (6) Manage stress using Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Coaching and Program Services after The Boot Camp Retreat

CTC will provide those who complete the Career Retreat with 12 weeks of individualized career coaching along with access to programming (workshops and seminars) and peer groups that are designed to increase participants the likelihood of securing internships and career path employment. These services can be offered virtually regardless of location.  


  • Weekly Individual Coaching: Members meet with the coach of their choice for a private 45-minute session by phone or Zoom.
  • Career Skills Programming: We offer 20+ workshops on Zoom, as well as a library of over 20 on-demand webinars in critical career and job search skills, strategies, and best practices. 
  • Peer Support: CTC is providing three Peer Support Groups each week. 
  • Networking: Virtual networking and interviewing is the new reality. CTC’s LinkedIn Community Group is a robust and CTC-exclusive social media community of over 1,000 members.
  • Dedicated Coaches and Workshop Facilitators:  CTC has more than 40 coaches that meet weekly with our individual members, as well a cadre of 18 workshop facilitators that deliver workshops focused on career and life-management skills, job search skills and social networking. These individuals have extensive experience in human resources, executive recruiting, and career coaching.

Outcomes for Youth to be served with 12 weeks of coaching:

  • Clarify their career direction by identifying job titles and employers that hire for those jobs.
  • Polished resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile.
  • Build their professional network.
  • Participants will complete a survey after the 12-week cycle of Coaching.
  • With appropriate effort made by participants, we anticipate that they should secure employment or an internship within six months after completing the program.

  • CTC will maintain contact with participants while they continue their search for a job or internship.


    • North Lawndale College Prep High School
    • Horizons for Youth
    • The Big Shoulders Fund
    • Holy Trinity High School

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