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-VIRTUAL: Re-energize your Job Search/Transition: Build in PLAY!
  8/12/2021   1:30 - 3:30 PM
  OPEN to the PUBLIC - No Members Fee, but reservations are required     Reserve here     
    Led by: CTC Coach Rebekah Kane - Founder, Tell a New Story Coaching  
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 "The beneficial effects of getting a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive and happier in everything we do!" -

Dr. Stuart Brown, National Institute of Play

Play and creativity in our lives reaps benefits overall. 

Yet, have you considered how PLAY can benefit your job search process, approach or experience?!  How might you bring a playful approach to different aspects of your job search, from how you spend your days to how you network and approach job search activities?

We invite you to join us to explore what your unique PLAY personality is and what energizes you.  We will discuss how making time for PLAY and creativity can be of value to you in your day to day life AND your job search.  We will explore ways you might re-structure and renew your job search process to incorporate your own methods of PLAY to unlock that stuck feeling or shift your perspective.  Takeaway tips and ideas on how to actually weave in PLAY and creativity to the experience of your job search, and/or career exploration and transition. 

  Details:  Fee for Clients or Alumni: No Charge, OPEN to the PUBLIC:
Participation limit for this event: 35

  Note: The term "CTC members" generally includes current clients and alumni unless specifically stated otherwise