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-VIRTUAL: Storytelling Using the C.A.R.s Method
  7/20/2021   1:30 - 3:30 PM
  For Active CTC Clients, Only - No Members Fee, but reservations are required     Reserve here     
    Led by: Ed Valentine, CTC Coach and Principal, EA Valentine and Associates  

In this workshop you will learn how to describe your  experience, skills, and qualities in a more compelling way - through storytelling. Storytelling is one of the most powerful methods for conveying your brand and expertise in hard and soft skills and the impact you have.

Using the CARs method, you will craft a draft of your first story which will be useful in networking, preparing for interviews and as a means to describe outcome-oriented work experiences. This workshop will help you clearly and concisely develop CARs (Challenge, Action, Result) that describe your success stories.

Learning Objectives

In this workshop you will learn:

1.      how to create CARs

·         from your resume

·         that clearly demonstrate your value

·         that directly connect you with positive experiences that in turn boost your confidence

2.      how to create concise, digestible, memorable stories

3.      tips for converting resume content to CARs

What CTC Clients say about this workshop:

Great presentation! The writing tips and reminders of how these can be done best to connect to a job we want were great.


Facilitator had firm grasp of subject matter and how it was presented.

Excellent workshop!

I find the CARS method to be one of the most useful things I have learned at CTC.

  Details:  Fee for Clients or Alumni: No Charge, For Active CTC Clients, Only:
Participation limit for this event: 20

  Note: The term "CTC members" generally includes current clients and alumni unless specifically stated otherwise