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-VIRTUAL: "The Government Wants You: An INTRODUCTION to Exploring Careers and Jobs in Government"
  6/9/2021   1:30 - 3:30 PM
  OPEN to the PUBLIC - No Members Fee, but reservations are required     Reserve here     
    Led by: Raquel Cosden - CTC Coach and Principal Owner, My Brilliant Coach  

CTC Coach Raquel Cosden has seventeen years of working in many roles in the Federal service. 

She started at the National Security agency as a Language Analyst recruiter. She has served in a variety of assignments that include Diversity and Leadership Trainer, Organizational Development Consultant, Career advisor and Human Capital Policy Analyst.

She currently is the Deputy Chief of Student Programs and Recruitment and an ACC certified coach focusing on career development. 

She will introduce Clients to the world of work in the government sector from a career perspective. She will provide the following:

  1. An overview of federal career service
  2. What’s the application process for the federal job search and the difference between intelligence careers and federal service
  3. How to explore career opportunities in the government
  4. Role of background investigations in job search
  5. Answers to your questions about government jobs
  Details:  Fee for Clients or Alumni: No Charge, OPEN to the PUBLIC:
Participation limit for this event: 40

  Note: The term "CTC members" generally includes current clients and alumni unless specifically stated otherwise