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-VIRTUAL: Leveraging Jobs Data into YOUR Career Strategy: Unlocking BLS Jobs Report
  1/21/2021   10:00- 11:30 AM
  OPEN to the PUBLIC - No Members Fee, but reservations are required     Reserve here     
    Led by: CTC Client - Naruki Hirai, Business Analyst  

Every month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) grabs headlines by publishing the US unemployment rate.  However, there’s more to the number than meets the eye. In fact, the BLS releases more than just the rate. It provides a large quantity of data regarding many facets of the employment situation in America. Some of this data can be used to your job search advantage.

Attend this session to dispel the misconceptions of the unemployment rate, the data behind the release, and how you can leverage the data with tools such as Tableau to power your next career direction.  

The workshop will be led by CTC Client Naruki Hirai who brings over 12 years of professional experience unlocking stories (often hidden) within data, and is a native of the Washington, DC area.

  Details:  Fee for Clients or Alumni: No Charge, OPEN to the PUBLIC:
Participation limit for this event: 40

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