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Contributing to the CTC means empowering unemployed professionals to find meaningful work.


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CTC is a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization providing professional assistance to individuals in career and employment transition.  Over the last 20 years, CTC has provided coaching and other services to over 10,000 mid-career professionals so that they could find meaningful work. We are grateful to the 150 coaches who have donated their time and talents over the last two decades. To learn more about us: CTC Video Introduction.

CTC is:

  • Entirely focused on helping people find fulfilling and productive jobs
  • Unique to the Chicago community
  • Proven approach helps thousands of Chicagoans find jobs
  • Our donors are critical to our success

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CTC is also able to accept donations of stock. Please contact Executive Director Anita Jenke at ajenke@ctcchicago.org for instructions and brokerage firm.

Please contact Executive Director Anita Jenke at ajenke@ctcchicago.org with any questions.