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Kate Plush Available: Coaching


Kate Plush has a passion for Human Resources, especially Recruiting.  Kate started her career in Recruiting and transitioned into Human Resources; she has over twenty years of progressive experience.  Kate has worked with and filled positions at all levels of the organization, as the Vice President of Human Resources with the leading trade association for the recreational boating industry. 

Kate is the Recruiting Team for her organization and truly enjoys matching the right people to the right position.  Kate found herself coaching the candidates about various tools, steps, approaches, and decided that she wanted to do this intentionally.  Kate enjoys working with people to find their next home (i.e. place of employment.) She feels that it needs to be a match for the employee and the employer to be successful. She also believes that a positive outlook, organizational skills, and confidence are all key to a successful job search.

Kate has a BA in English from Rutgers University and a MS in Human Resources from Quinlan School of Business, Loyola University in Chicago.