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Tim Conway Available: Available Mondays and Thursdays


During his early career in Ohio, Tim Conway contributed at Xerox Corporation.  After moving to Chicago, he supported McDonald’s and Sears. 

Then Tim operated sole proprietorships: marketing/communications for small business owners; academic/career counseling for young professionals. 

Plus, Tim was Adjunct Faculty at three campuses (including alma mater Roosevelt University and DePaul University).  With expertise in Entrepreneurship, he has mentored numerous twentysomethings evaluating a startup. 

A resident of Arlington Heights, Tim published several blog articles and one book chapter about career advancement.

While reflecting on his employment, Tim embraces the process of transition.  He affectionately refers to the varied rebound stages as “personal reinvention” (albeit sometimes volatile).  

As a Career Coach, Tim encourages others to believe that “America is the home of second (and third) opportunities.”  He is ready to assist peers to secure a career that fits.