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Kristin Sneeringer Available: Virtual Coaching


Kristin takes a creative yet strategic approach to moving forward with personal development, health, career and relationship goals. In business, with an MBA in International Marketing and Finance (MBA IMF) and as a Certified Business Architect (CBA), she focuses on links between desired outcomes and the structures, processes, values and cultures designed, desired to reach them. All parts of a company, whether marketing or financial strategy, sales process, or organizational structure and culture, can influence and effect a businesses' success.

Shifting an individual's way of being, reactions, and mindset can effect a person's "success" as defined by them. It's a holistic business strategy to life! What are your personal goals, missions and values? What are your breakdowns, stops or gaps? What radiance do you want to bring to the world? Kristin will help you develop a strategy for career success.