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Reena Suri Available: Tuesday Coaching

Reena Suri is a speaker, trainer and coach. She helps teams and individuals get out of their own way and live the life of their dreams. She believes in walking the talk. Transformation and development comes naturally to her and that is what she extends to her clients. Reena’s passion and interest in Coaching and Development comes from her own life experiences. Her own transformation and growth speaks volumes of the power of therapy and coaching.
Reena believes, “the most rewarding aspect of healing was to find a true purpose in life”. She believes that every individual has the power to bring transformation and development in their life.

Her vision is to empower individuals through coaching and training. Reena did a yearlong Ontological coaching program through Accomplishment Coaching, an ICF accredited coaching school. To refine herself further, she got certified through the John Maxwell Team as a Speaker, trainer and coach. She serves individuals, small business owners and next generation corporate leaders. Today, she is living out her potential as a wife, mother, speaker, trainer and coach.