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Ron Tevonian Available: Coaching Monday mornings


A longtime CTC coach with a background in corporate management, Ron uses the language of sales to describe the job search.

"I view the whole process essentially as a sales campaign. The good news is, you have the opportunity to describe how you are going to be a great value to your intended customer -- the employer."

With a background in corporate management and many years of CTC coaching under his belt, Ron Tevonian has a well-grounded knowledge of what employers are looking for and how clients can give it to them. "You use your history to show that you've dealt with the employer's problems before -- that you've chosen the correct tool and applied it with skill to make a real contribution," he says. "It's all about saying, 'I have a toolkit and I know how to use it.'"

Ron spent many years with AT&T and its subsidiaries, his last role being as Research and Development Director at Bell Laboratories in Lucent Technologies. He has been involved in managing a 700-person R & D organization, as well as prior assignments in manufacturing and telecommunications product development, and has developed improvements in classification, pay and recognition programs for technical employees.

Ron enjoys an excellent reputation for conflict resolution, problem analysis and effective speaking. He's also been CTC's unofficial information technology officer since 1998. He holds a BEE degree from the NYU Polytechnic College of Engineering in Brooklyn, New York.