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Terri Flynn Available: Virtual Coaching


Terri Flynn is the owner of Tru4you ( where she offers a creative approach to Life Skills and Career Coaching.  She has a diverse background in business ownership, consulting and account management in the areas of organization development, change management, facilitation, training, and sales.  Some nationally recognized companies she worked with include United Airlines, Washington National Insurance, Accenture, and Kraft Heinz.  Her depth of experience exemplifies her willingness to continue to align her changing priorities and life goals with her career objectives.  

 “Balancing support, enthusiasm and preparation is the key.  I meet people where they are at in the process.”

Terri sincerely enjoys helping individuals find a job or career that meets their personal and financial needs.  She is creative, supportive, and consistently enthusiastic about all phases of the job search process.  She appreciates how important coaching is especially when managing through job or career transitions which is the reason Terri also employs a life coach for support, accountability, and forward momentum.  She will be especially diligent to make sure she understands your needs while crafting unique ways to support and motivate.
Terri holds a BS in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University, and has an MS in Organizational Development from Loyola University Chicago.  She completed her first coaching certification in 2016 and is currently working toward her Master Certification.  She is a lifelong learner and continually explores new avenues for learning and personal growth.