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Tony Volpe Available: Thursdays


After many years' experience working with CTC, Tony Volpe has coached hundreds of clients in different roles, levels, and industries.

"I really enjoy the process of getting to know a client and what they're going through -- finding out what makes them tick and what their plan is at the moment. We build it from there. Some people are at zero, planning-wise, while others are at 90."

Tony Volpe seeks to understand each client's existing career situation and explore possible directions in light of their personal values and financial needs. Once these benchmarks are determined, he and the client go through the options and determine a game plan with the various job search tools that CTC provides.

"Having gone through a couple of job searches myself using professional outplacement firms, I have a good feel for what people go through when they're looking for work," Tony says. "I recognize the value of an outplacement experience, but what CTC adds is the personal touch -- to say nothing of the extensive seminars and classes CTC provides for clients."

Tony's professional background includes management, marketing, sales, corporate planning, financial control, transportation, purchasing, information systems and packaging, plastics and industrial glass. He earned a BA at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts and a MBA at the University of Chicago.