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Bo Golovan Available: Intro/Developing Your Emotional Intelligence


This methodology helps develop effectiveness in the logical and rational tasks involved in a job search as well as the emotional and social aspects of such a transition.

Bo helps her clients define a strategy by encouraging them to explore options, clarify goals and articulate a step-by-step implementation plan.  Simultaneously, she empowers them to use their transition as an opportunity to expand their potential by focusing on their unique strengths, values and interests.

Bo has a 25+ years business experience and honed her coaching and mentoring skills while running businesses and teams. She held senior leadership positions as Executive VP and as President in Paris, France and Chicago during her successful career in International Finance and in Real Estate. She partnered with organizations to create a strategic focus, align the organizational structures and the talent needed, and implement execution.

Bo is a dual French-American citizen along with a Ukrainian cultural heritage, which makes her particularly attuned to cross-cultural environments. Bo uses her business acumen and her cross-cultural background along with her Emotional Intelligence expertise to facilitate and help clients expand their potential and develop their effectiveness.

Bo has an M.B.A. from H.E.C. Paris, France and a Masters in Economics from the University P. Cezanne, Aix, France. She received her Advanced Personal and Executive Coach Certification (ACPEC) from The College of Executive Coaching, Pismo Beach, CA. She is a Certified Practitioner for the M.B.T.I and the EQ-i 2.0. Assessment Tools.