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Theresa Maria Napa Available: Virtual Coaching (Fearless Networking: A 3-session workshop series)


"I'm highly intuitive. I really go deep. What I see is that we are beyond what we even believe that we are -- we're smarter than we think. When we listen to our hearts and our souls we become more self-aware, healthier and at peace."

Theresa-Maria (“TM”) Napa, CPCC, LOACC, is a Certified Personal & Professional Coach and Law of Attraction Certified Coach. In virtual coaching sessions, she can guide you to clarify your direction, reach out more effectively in leadership roles and build confidence. She helps clients increase their winning career percentages while taking fewer steps and producing better results.

TM believes that self-awareness is a road worth traveling. “It takes you beyond that what seemed impossible to what seems inevitable,” she says.

TM’s varied career has included positions as executive support, vice president of operations, director of marketing & administration, and business owner. In these positions TM gained substantial experience in leadership, marketing, client development, and executive coaching to high achievers. In 2000 she was certified as a personal and professional coach from the International Coaching Federation-accredited Coaches Training Institute.